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Sisu Martial Arts Club Family Class

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Call 780-938-4698 to talk to Sensei Jay

Pre-Class Bows

Are you alert?

Elbows In

Practicing Punches


Teen Team

Punch Training

SMAC has all the gear

Get right in there!

Size makes no difference

Sensei Paul

Lessons in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu


All Ages Classes

Training Weapons

Sai's and Such

Sensei Jay

Back In The Day

Ground Fighting

Sensei Paul training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mother and Daughter

Family Fight!

No match for me!

Even if you are little you can win the fight with the right strategies

Parade Day

S.M.A.C. At PV Daze

Learn From The Best

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu with Sensei Paul

Our Crest

Keeping our lineage in the forefront

Father and Son

Families who train together bond deeper

Protect Your Head!

Protective gear for proper training

Take him down!

Everyone can fight and win

Family Class

Our chosen family

Movie Night!

Monthly movie nights for team bonding

Belt Tying

Lessons from Sensei Jay

Captivated Audience

Ground Training


Sensei Rick, Sihan Terry, Sensei Jay


Father and Sons

In Line

Are you ready?

Fun Fight

You're smiling now...

Life Long Memories

Ju Jutsu Throws

Pilipino Stick Fighting

Weapons Training

Parade Day

S.M.A.C. Representation At P.V. Daze

Ground Fighting


Professional Instruction

Top Training To Be Your Best

Parents Can View!

Pilipino Stick Fighting

S.M.A.C. Team

Train Together For Life

Sensei Paul

International Training

Clear Your Mind

Train Your Body And Your Mind

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S.M.A.C. Sisu Martial Arts Club



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